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Elementary & Middle School

Elementary & Middle School


At the HHA we believe that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Our school’s progressive curriculum is designed to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and self-esteem to excel in all areas of life. Our educational philosophy places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of each child focusing on self-development and the building of leadership skills.

Interdisciplinary integration allows students to explore core ideas across various subject matters. Integration conveys an important theological value enabling students to see the relevancy of Jewish wisdom in modern life and the world as an organic whole.

The HHA fosters an atmosphere of inquiry and intellectual stimulation during the critical primary years, providing a setting for emotional growth in a safe and nurturing environment. Our general studies programme meets and exceeds the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education preparing and encouraging students to continue the pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives. Our goal is to enable our students to appreciate the significance of Jewish values and see their integration into the democratic traditions of Canadian and Western culture.

In addition to our home-room teachers, our staff includes teaching specialists in the areas of Science and Nature, French, the Arts, Athletics, and Multi-Media. Our media center, athletic facilities, science lab, and Diverse Learning Centre enhance the core curriculum to provide the optimal school environment for the full development of our students.


Our Judaic Studies program portrays Judaism as a "Torat Chayim"; a living dynamic that is both relevant and meaningful to our students. Our programme incorporates the most innovative curriculum currently available.

In the upper grades special emphasis is placed on Hebrew language development, providing an appreciation and skill-set in classical Jewish texts (Chumash, Navi, Mishna, and Talmud) and exposure to Jewish history. In addition to our half-day instruction in Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language, the HHA also provides Judaic enrichment programs that meet throughout the school week prior to, and after school as part of our co-curricular programs. These include the Matmid Programme, Mishnah Club & Chidon Hatanach.

Throughout the scholastic calendar, as the Jewish Holidays approach, our school takes on a special energy. Each holiday develops its own character and flavour with innovative events, projects & programming.

The HHA is dedicated to creating a learning environment that explores the modern relevancy and application of classical Jewish ideas and texts while respecting the diverse backgrounds and affiliations of all students. All students are embraced equally with strong emphasis placed on subjects that unite and define us as Jews.

Our Middle school division, offers two tracks, a Culture Based Track (CBT) and a Source Based Track (SBT).

1. Culture Based Track - Students will be exposed to the richness of Jewish life by:

  • Examining Jewish social studies through the study of present-day life in Israel and Jewish historical figures throughout the ages.
  • Exploring Biblical narratives and concepts through a contemporary lens.
  • Investigating relevant lessons from the Talmud as they apply to modern-day life.
  • Fostering informed debate and critical thinking.

2. Source Based Track - Students will be exposed to the richness of Jewish life by:

  • Developing the skills required to read, interpret, analyze and appreciate classic Jewish texts.
  • Developing an understanding of the historical context and genre of classical Jewish works.
  • Fostering informed debate and critical thinking.

One of the paramount goals of the HHA is to instill within our students a love and appreciation for the State of Israel. An important bond with the Jewish state is created by exploring its history from ancient times through the present. Throughout the school year, students are introduced to various Israeli speakers that share first-hand challenges that face our nation.

Among our many specialty teachers, the HHA employs two Israeli student instructors as part of their national service that enhances the Judaic component of our school. In addition to assisting in various classrooms and spearheading special events, these instructors teach in our Jewish studies enrichment programmes.